why to choose Bulgarian beeswax

The beeswax is a natural bioproduct having a beneficial effect on the human body
and might be used for a long time. It is actually the “fruit” of the wax-producing glands
of the honey bees and serves to seal the cells where the honey is collected. Even in
ancient Egypt it was added to the embalming mixture of the pharaohs, believing that
it will preserve their bodies for centuries because of its healing, regenerating and
beautification properties of this incredible gift of nature.

The beeswax is firm but elastic, without taste, with a typical aroma of propolis, and its
color determines its quality and purity. It might be yellow, brown or colorless. The
higher its melting temperature is, the less impurities it has in itself. Over time it is
covered by a whitish dust if it is of high-quality. It is waterproof, which makes it
multilaterally applicable in different fields.

In its composition there are about 15 kinds of substances – complex ethers, saturated
hydrocarbons, fatty acids, dyes and aromatic compounds. It does not dissolve in
water and alcohol, making it applicable in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.
The beeswax is the only completely harmless and completely natural product for the
purpose of candle making. The beeswax is a product of symbiosis between the
beekeeper and the honey bees. Bees are endlessly useful for pollination of wild
flowering vegetation and agro-cultures, they give us as gift infinitely valuable bee
products, including beeswax. The beeswax yield is not at the expense or destruction
of something, no compromise is made for its production. The burning of beeswax is
not in vain and it is a valuable product even as candle.
The benefits of beeswax candles have stood for centuries: they don’t drip; they burn
longer, and are cleaner than their paraffin and soy counterparts.

But, here’s a benefit that is not as well known – and the science behind it is almost
The bright flame of a beeswax candle produces the same beautiful light spectrum as
the sun. As the candle burns, negative ions are emitted that clean the air and, in turn,
invigorate the body.
Negative ions are drawn to positive ions. Positive ions hold on to airborne things like
dust, mold and odors; the negative ions latch on to the “contaminated” positive ions
and weigh them down this causes the contaminated positive ions to fall to the ground
thereby cleaning and purifying the air. A perfect example of this phenomenon is
rainstorms. A rainstorm is a negative ionic event, which is why we say the air smells
so fresh after a rainstorm.
The beeswax candle not only improves the air quality in the room, but moreover it
has an aromatherapeutic effect, creating an inimitable coziness, and a temporary
relaxing effect on the body.
The use of beeswax candles reduces the use of petroleum waxes and soy candles,
which in turn reduces the damages which their use and production cause.


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