Bulgarian Bee products-Raw propolis

Raw propolis, also called clay, is one of the most valuable bee products. It is a mixture of resin, wax and pollen of buds and vegetable colors, enriched with enzymes and a lactic fermentation in the digestive system of bees subject. With this mixture, the bees perform disinfection activities in the hive and protect themselves against infection. Propolis protects bees from the harmful effects of sunlight, mold, bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.

Raw propolis

What is Raw propolis?
This is a substance that the bees get from the buds of some plants, such as poplars and willows, thus clogging slits, regulating the opening of the hive (bees landing zone), but above all creating a sterile environment. Hundreds of thousands of bees live thanks to this product in one place, especially in winter, close together, thanks to the propolis and the influence of their aroma on the pathogenic organisms together and not get sick.

Propolis is an extremely valuable product and is used to treat and prevent many diseases. It contains vitamins, essential oils, mineral salts, trace elements, hormones and ferments. The cleavage has a disinfecting, antiviral, analgesic and immunostimulating effect. It also lowers blood cholesterol and increases the number of red blood cells. Unlike drugs, this natural product does not harm the body. The only risk for the treatment with propolis is an allergic reaction that occurs in about 5% of people.

How to use?

How is it used and what is it useful for?
It can be used in different ways. You’re straight-take a piece of clay and make a pea-sized ball. It can be sucked or swallowed, but must be pre-greased – for example, with cow butter, so that it does not pinch anywhere in the small intestine and it perforates, because it is very strong. The other way is to dissolve in medicated alcohol. Maybe in Brandy. It is then dropped as a water-alcohol solution. Usually, 30 grams of clay are dissolved in 100 ml of ethyl alcohol and after one or two days 20 to 30 drops for adults (10 for children) that dissolve in water.The same solution has a very good effect in the

post-operative or not I personally treated postoperatively with tinctures of skin melanoma for several years and the process was blocked, which is confirmed by literary data.

The removal of moles and warts with propolis is more common in Asian countries. Propolis mixed with beeswax is used. The mixture is thawed in a water bath and the juice of a lemon is added. Propolis acts as an antibiotic and helps the moon to fall without harming or disturbing it, and there is no danger of spreading the benign tumors that are contained in the moon.

Raw propolis is also very useful for the oral cavity – periodontal disease, stomatitis, throat and stomach disease (ulcer, gastritis, colitis), etc. It is a universal medicine.

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