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Honey and bee products from Bulgaria are one of the most popular products in Europe and the world. They are a symbol of Bulgaria, along with yogurt, rose oil and wine!

export natural honey
Beekeeping Center-South – Export natural honey


Was founded and has been active for 15 years. The main activity of the company is the production and marketing of 100% Bulgarian natural and high quality bee products.
In the last 10 years, our company has developed into a very good partner, supplying only 100% natural and pure Bulgarian conventional and organic honey, which we manufacture or buy from other certified beekeeping companies.
In addition to honey we order royal jelly, pollen, propolis and wax.
The presented bee products are subject to strict quality control through laboratory analysis. Our products are characterized by a high quality and we send on request a sample of the product!


export natural honey
Beekeeping Center-South – Export natural honey


We have few centralized centers – warehouses across the country and buy honey directly from the beekeeper and also produce our honey. Honey is natural and without any antibiotics and pesticides. We know that because we make test of every honey that we buy. The tests are carried out in an accredited laboratory in Bulgaria and Germany (Intertek). We maintain a very reputable and professional organization to fulfill our obligations with the necessary quality and time.
Thanks to our highly qualified team of employees who are most effective in implementing our activities, we have proven that the Beekeeping Center-South is a loyal, honest and trustworthy partner.
We have about 4,000 bee families that produce 180-200 tonnes of conventional bee honey each year.
The quantity and tradition of honey, writing available to us.
The amount of organic honey that can be provided by our best partner amounts to about 600 tons per year with all the necessary certificates.

Export natural honey
Beekeeping Center-South – Export natural honey


We will offer products that you will not find in the commercial networks, the big grocery stores and the big producers of honey and bee products. Try and enjoy 100% natural bee products from Bulgaria – directly from the beekeepers.

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Also in the export of herbs Bulgaria is in first place in Europe!

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