The Beekeeping Center - South is established and has been functioning for 15 years. The main activity of the company is production and trade of beekeeping inventory and a 100% Bulgarian natural bee products. During the last 10 years the Beekeeping Center - South has been proved as one of the largest exporters of natural Bulgarian bee honey and bee products. At our factory we are processing only produced by our company 100% natural and pure honey. Apart from bee honey, we are also producing royal jelly, bee pollen and bee propolis. A significant part of the realized quantities have been exported to Europe. The bee products that we are producing are subject to a strict quality control through laboratory analyzes. The tests are carried out in our own laboratory. There is a possibility the testing of our production to be performed by laboratories in Germany.



Bulgarian beeswax-high quality and natural product

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Bee pollen

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Bee pollen and how to consume

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